We're bringing the grill to your bedroom


For everyone who's been limited by cold weather, a covered patio or an apartment where grilling isn't allowed. For everyone who's frightened from using propane or hates the mess of charcoal. For everyone who's exhausted of having to spend hours to set up a traditional grill. We introduce "Grill In", the first ever marketplace for electric grills.

 We believe no one and nothing should control us except our own conscience. We believe we should always do the things we enjoy doing the most. We believe that there's always a way towards freedom. And we happen to offer electric grills that give freedom to every passionate griller who's been limited from outdoor grilling.

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We strive to make glorious customers:

Are electric grills worth it?

Grill everywhere with minimal effort

In 2 minutes you can unpack and assemble the electric grill, place it wherever you wish, turn it on with a single click, wait 20 minutes... and your electric grill is on fire ready to help you create the fastest most delicious, healthy grilled meal you have ever cooked.

Grill everything worry-free

With electric grills you can throw a couple of steaks or chicken breasts on the grill with virtually no hassle, click a button, and BBQ stress free. Not only can you grill safely under your covered patio, but food never sticks and washing is a breeze, making it the easiest grilling experience you ever had.

Save 960$ and 54 hours down the line

Electric grills are the cheapest to operate and incur zero installation cost, in addition you never have to run out to the store for more fuel and with a click of a button your grill is on fire anytime, anywhere

With electric grills you get relieved from every stress! 

Free delivery to your doorstep

90 days money back guarantee

24/7 custom support

12 months warranty

What you get with your first order:

Premium access to an online grilling session

Premium access to the grillin online community 

Exclusive 217+ recipe book 

A grill that helps you beat the limits 

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