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Who are we:

We are a company of people who believe that nothing in this world can control or restrict us from doing what we enjoy or love except our own inner conscience. Grillin represents all those who never comply with what restricts their happiness, where living in a condo or in the middle of the winter won't stop them from grilling whenever and wherever they wish.

We honor the innovation of industry leaders -- who gave us the freedom to experience the unforgettable tastes of our self made, healthy and delicious grilled meals -- helping carry their legacy with every grilling enthusiast.

We offer freedom through speed and convenience, helping you bring the grill to your bedroom, so you can grill wherever you are and whenever you wish, faster than you ever imagined. We deliver electric grills straight to your door, heart and mind, so that the grilling legacy we share may live forever

Grillin is the first ever marketplace specialized in providing innovative, environmentally friendly electric grills. We are home to over 7 of the world's most innovative electric grill brands with around * electric grills with different functionalities and features

Our mission is helping every passionate griller beat the limits of inconvenience and enjoy grilling once again with products that are designed to spark enthusiasm and positivity, improve quality of life, and help conserve natural resources, so we can enjoy our lives to their fullest while keeping our mother earth sustainable and vibrant with life. 

What makes us different: 

Our Specialization

We offer the fastest and simplest way for you to find the most reliable electric grill that best meets your needs.

We've done the work, now you don't have to search through hundreds of different grills, just one place with the largest selection of carefully picked electric grills in all price ranges and sizes.

You're sure to find something that matches your needs, and most importantly from a trusted and reliable brand, so you can break the limits and enjoy heavenly grilled food right in your home easier than ever before

Our desire to give more than take

We deliver electric grills straight to your door, heart and mind, helping you beat the limits.

But we don't settle here, we strive to give you exceptional value with exclusive benefits you get from no where else, from premium recipes, access to cooking sessions and a membership to the Grillin community where you get the chance to compete, engage and bond 

Our deep understanding of your needs

We do not do it like everyone else, we do not add 117 different categories and make you scroll for hours to find what you are looking for.

We understand that electric grills are the solution to help you beat the limits of inconvenience, and we offer the largest reliable collection of e-grills 


Trusted Brands


Reliable Electric Grills


Happy Customers


Specialists on Team

Meet our cofounders

Zayn Halabi

Chief Marketing Officer

Sami Temraz

Chief Operations Officer

Makram Hamoud

Chief Financial Officer