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VEVOR Electric Contact Grill

VEVOR Electric Contact Grill

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We're bringing the grill to your bedroom so you can beat the limits of inconvenient outdoor grilling, with minimal effort and enjoy heavenly home-grilled food

We make grilling everywhere... anytime... easier than ever before!

Electric grills offer freedom through ease, in 2 minutes you can unpack and assemble, place it wherever you wish, turn it on with a single click, wait a couple minutes... and the grill is on fire ready to help you create the fastest most delicious, healthy grilled meal you have ever cooked.

Brand Name: VEVOR
Voltage (V): 110/220
Non-Stick Material: Teflon
Power (W): 1800/3600
Multi-gear Temperature Adjustment: Yes
Type: Electric Contact Grill
Certification: CE
Bakeware Type: Wave Plate
Temperature: 50-300℃ (122-572℉)
Cooking Surface Material: Cast Iron
Shape Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Commercial Panini Press Grill

This grill is the perfect solution for grilling when you can't grill outside or just don't feel like it.

The extraordinary grilling experience you have been restricted from, is only a click away

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The easiest grilling experience ever: 

Carry it everywhere 

The portable nature of this grill makes it super easy to carry 

Turn on with a click 

All what it takes is throwing a couple of steaks on the grill with no hassle 

Place it anywhere

This grill produces no flare-ups, and has the perfect size to fit anywhere 

Clean in a breeze

The Non-Stick plates allow your food not to stick when you flip it or remove it 

Save 960 dollars 

Electric grills are the cheapest to operate in the long term and incur zero installation cost 

Save 54 hours 

That's the time you waste setting up traditional grills and running out to the store for more fuel

What you get with your first order:

Free shipping and free 90 day returns

Premium access to the grillin community and sessions 

Exclusive access to 157 recipes book 

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